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I’m sorry David

David I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your father. Alec Hirsch would also like to say sorry about the passing. I hope you have a wonderful Yom Hatzmaut.

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Africa @ AEA

As we do every year, this year too we had a curricular celebration, but this year it was focused on Africa. We had a story teller from Africa and he directed us in our acting and story telling. Gon and first grade did a story telling about “the bird that couldn’t fly.” Second did a story about “Ananse.” And the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade did a play about the African proverb.

 We also learned about the natural resources of Africa, and their exports. Africa has a lot of poverty and many diseases such as AIDS and Malaria. Because most of Africa does not have industries and many big cities, the environment is in better shape than here. Animals are part of the natural resources of Africa. Unfortunately, many poachers come to Africa shoot animals and steal animal parts such as ivory and animal skins.

Michael L.

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Music: Shirat Ha’asabim

About 6 weeks ago, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders at Albert Einstein Academy sang the song,  Song of the Grasses ( just like every other student in the Echo Connection program). Our teacher, Mr. Goren happens to be an expert when it come to music. When it came time for the song he was very kind and took time out his day to come to school. He brought in about three microphones and we recorded the song. Talia, Mr. Goren’s daughter, a graduate of AEA and a professional singer, came to help too. We recorded over a course of three days. It was AWESOME!!!! Great job everyone!!

Hannah G.


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More about Albert Einstein Academy

Hello Everyone,

Here is a link to our school, Albert Einstein Academy’s website.

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Record Snow in Delaware!

We had a lot of snow this winter. I’m pretty sure it was record breaking. We had 2 ft. of snow, then 1 ft. more. Of course, then it snowed about 3 more inches. We were stuck in our house for about 2 days. Then it rained, so that all of the snow on top froze. Luckily, my house never lost power, but some of my friends houses did. This was the largest snowfall in Wilmington, Delaware since 1999, when I was only 1 year old!! Because Delaware doesn’t really have a lot of blizzards, this occasion of snowfall was very joyous to all of us.  I hope the summer is nice ad warm.

Hannah B

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High Tech Environmental Companies in Israel

The 3rd and 4th grade at Albert Einstein Academy are making a presentation on Israeli companies. These are high tech green companies that invent new environmental technologies. The project the 3rd and 4th graders are doing is really cool, and so are the Israeli companies that our computer teacher, Mr. Goren showed us.

 The 5th and 6th graders are making websites about how different items affect the earth. It seems interesting, I can’t wait to see the websites!

Julia F.

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Second Vist to Temple Beth Miriam

Hello everyone!
The second round of school visits are coming! Temple Beth Miriam in Elberon, NJ is closing early this year for construction, so I made a special little trip to see them first. We talked about the importance of renewable/alternative energy sources and the problems with fossil fuels. With so much clean energy all around us, why should we be digging and drilling and polluting? To prove this point, we then made batteries out of lemons. It was lots of fun to learn outside on such a gorgeous day, and then enjoy our batteries a second time as lemonade! Pictures coming as soon as I find that camera cord…
The other US Schools will be seeing me soon, and I can’t wait to see them.
Yom Ha’atzmaut Sameach everyone!
Jonathon Feinberg

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Hello People !

A long time I did not write a post to our blog.
Unfortunate incident happened to me family, my father died six weeks ago.
But now I feel already that I can write you.
Monday is Memorial Day in Israel.
We hope this will be the last Remembrance Day Gilad Shalit will not be with us, and next year he will
be able to sit at home with his family and friends.
And then Tuesday is Independence Day, all children in Israel are going to be away from home and
there will be fireworks and singing performances.
This year we celebrate 62 years Birthday Israel.
It’s all for now, I hope to continue to write.
Goodbye David.
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Hey people of the blog, i havent been on 4 a long time so sorry. my coumputer wasent working so i couldnt go on. OMG!!!!! i have the worst job in the school with my friends Julia and Jared, we r the recycyling  people. we have to dump the recycyling bins in the recycyling box and take the box outside. Its gross!  Not fair!                                Oh, can someone please tell me how to change the blog pictures, cuz i cant figure it out!  btw…. wats an excerpt?


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Repurposed Friendship Bracelets Exchange Project

The students in the Ort, Ye’elim Ofraim and Chalamish School were very excited to receive their friendship bracelets from the students in New Jersey and Delaware. The Arad students made their friendship bracelets out of old curtains and the New Jersey students made their bracelets out of used sweaters. Each bracelet came with a personal note and a message to the recipient. The Arad students were very excited to receive both the friendship bracelets and the personal notes. A few of the students have already become Facebook friends through the friendship bracelet exchange project. They have started to make their friendship bracelets and notes for their American friend’s and. Jon will bring the Arad Friendship bracelets to the schools in May.

תלמידי בתי הספר אורט, יעלים –עופרים וחלמיש הספר היו נרגשים מאוד לקבל צמידי הידידות שלהם מהתלמידים  בניו ג’רזי   ודלאוור. התלמידים בערד הכינו  את צמידי הידידות שלהם מווילונות ישנים והתלמידים בין ניו ג ‘רזי הכינו את  צמידי הידידות שלהם מסוודרים משומשים. התלמידים צרפו לצמיד פתק אישי לנמען. התלמידים בערד היו נרגשים מאוד לקבל את צמידי הידידות יחד עם הפתקים האישים. כמה מהתלמידים כבר הפכו לחברים בפייסבוק באמצעות פרוייקט החליפין של צמידי הידידות. החליפין. בע”ה  ג’ון יביא את צמידי הידידות מהתלמידים בערד לבתי הספר בחודש בניו ג’רזי ודלאוור בחודש מאי.

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Our Quilt in progress

Above is our quilt laid out before we start to sew.

Above is Dekel pinning the panels together and getting them ready for sewing.

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Spring is Here!

Today has been one of the nicest days since October! A perfect day for Rosh Chodesh Nisan. “Simcha Rabah, Aviv Higiah Pesach Bah!”

Sean Haimowitz

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Pictures of us working on our project

Above is all of us finishing coloring our quilt panels.

Above is Sara outling the waterwheel on her quilt panel.

Above is me, Alexandra coloring my river blue.

Above is Sean and Alec coloring their quilt panels.

Above is Dekel coloring the street in her quilt panel.

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Our Enviroment Quilt

Recently in our ecoconnection classes we made a quilt that gave advice how to save the enviroment. The panels say things like “Bal Tashchit” “Keep Our Waters Clean” and “Use Your Own Energy for Entertainment”.  We are currently sewing the panels together.  We can’t wait until our project is finished!

Sean Haimowitz

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Photos from our class in Ein Gedi…

Hi mates, here some photos of our(Gal, David and Yam) class mates and ours too…

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שלום כולם. hey everybody it’s Yam..

שלום כולם, אני שבה וכותבת לכם…
אשמח לשמוע מכם ואני אעדכן קצת את המידע.
כרגע אני בכיתה ט’ עדיין גרה בקיבוץ עין גדי, ישראל.

אני ממשיכה את הפרוייקט שהתחלנו שנה שעברה, וכרמי הגיע כדי להראות לבלוגרים החדשים איך להפעיל ולהירשם לבלוג.
שי, המנהל שלנו הגיע כדי לראות ולהתעניין, וגם המורה שלי איבט ושל גל ודויד(חברי לכיתה, חלק מהבלוגרים החדשים) באה וראתה.

hey everybody,
I’m writing you again…
I be happy to catch up with you and I’ll keep you up to date. I’m now in 9th grad still in Kibbutz Ein Gadi, Israel.

I’m continuing the project that we started last year, and Carmi came to show the new bloggers how to work and sign up the blogge.
Our headmaster Shay came and showed interest, and Gal’s, David’s and mine’s teacher Yevtte came to see us blogge.

from left to right:
Yam; David; Gal; Shay

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Meet me (Anna, but some people call me Bob)

Hello! My name is Anna, but some people call me Bob. I am eleven years old and attend Temple Beth Miriam Hebrew School in Elberon, New Jersey. Everyone is very friendly there and the rabbi is my next door neighbor! I am so happy that we are doing all of these fun projects to help the Earth.

My neighborhood is always very quiet. In the summer, the trees burst with color, and squirrels and bunnies are everywhere! I love that we are so close to the beach! But in the winter everything is cold and it gets very windy sometimes. When it snows a ton of people come to my family’s big hill to sled.

I have a dog named Rookie, a brother named Jacob, a mom called Audrey, and a dad, Michael.  We all love baseball a lot. I like almost every kind of sport and love to draw and write. Singing is also a passion of mine.

I am so happy I was chosen for the special job of blogging, it will be so much fun!

שלום! קוראים לי אנה, אבל הרבה אנשים קוראים לי בוב. אני בת 11 ואני לומדת בבית הספר בית מרים באלברון ניו ג’רסי. כולם כאן מאוד נחמדים והרב של בית הכנסת הוא השכן שלי! אני כל כך שמחה שאנחנו עושים כ”כ הרבה פרויקטים יפים לשמור על כדור הארץ.


השכונה שלי היא מאוד שקטה. בקיץ העצים מלאים בצבעים שונים וסנאים וארנבות נמצאות בכל מקום. אני אוהבת שאנחנו כל כך קרובים לחוף הים. אבל בחורף הכול פה קר וזה יכול להיות מאוד סוער כאן. כשיורד שלג המון אנשים באים לגבעה של משפחתי עם המזחלות שלהם.

יש לי כלב שקוראים לו רוקי, אח שקוראים לו יעקב. אנחנו כולנו אוהבים בייסבול ואני אוהבת כמעט כל ספורט ואני גם אוהבת לצייר לכתוב ואני מה זה אוהבת לשיר.

אני כל כך שמחה שבחרו אותי להיות בלוגרית- זה הולך להיות מאוד כיף.

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Houston, We Got a Project

HELLO AGAIN! Its Mia, from SSDS GMC. We finally got a project, and isn’t it great! And people have already started to use it! Look and see!

So this is our class’s project and we can’t wait to see everyone else’s project!

Signing Off,

Mia 🙂

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Kellman Brown Academy Science Fair

Science Project Geese Poop

Harris and I are doing a project on how to get rid of geese poop. One way to prevent geese poop is to make a geese away spray. Geese spray is environmentally friendly. You spray it and it gets rid of geese because it has something that geese hate. So they go away. It they go away there will be no more geese poop.

Written: Jared Newman

Posted: Julia Wolf

ניסוי מדעי פסולת של ברווזים.

הריס ואני עושים פרויקט כיצד להיפטר מהפסולת של ברווזים. דרך אחת להיפטר מהפסולת של הברווזים הוא על ידי ספריי שמרחיק אותם. הספריי הוא ידידותי לסביבה. משפריצים אותו והוא מרחיק את הברווזים כיון שיש בו חומר שהם שונאים ולכן הם עוזבים. אם הם עוזבים לא יהיה עוד פסולת של ברווזים.

נכתב ע”י ג’רד ניומן

הועלה לבלוג ע”י ג’וליה וולף

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Kellman Brown Academy Science Fair

Science Project Grey Water

Can you recycle? Of course you can. Here’s how we did. One, of us took water that we washed our hands with and watered a plant with it. Then another one of us watered a plant with clean water right from a sink. We wanted to find out if recycled watered made plants grow. Our hypothesis was that the grey water would grow faster and healthier than the plant with sink water. Our hypothesis was correct.

Written: Gabriella Rose & Rachel Bresilier

Posted: Julia Wolf

ניסוי מדעי- מים אפורים.

האם אתם יכולים למחזר? בטח אתם יכולים. אני יסביר לכם כיצד אנחנו עשינו זאת. אחד מאתנו לקח מים שרחצנו אתם את ידינו והשקעה אתם עציץ. השני לקח מים מהברז והשקעה אתם את העציץ. התיאוריה שלנו הייתה שהעציצים שהושקעו על ידי המים האפורים ייצמחו יותר מהר. על ידי המחקר שעשינו ראינו שאכן העציץ שהושקע על ידי המים אפורים צמח יותר מהר.

נכתב על ידי גבריאלה רוז ורחל ברייזלר

הועלה לבלוג ע”י ג’וליה וולף 

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Roey’s, Melanie’s, and my science fair project


Hi my name is Alon and this is a paragraph about my group’s science fair project.

Our science fair project is about “How the Environment Effects Animal Extinction.” The food chain effects animal extinction. It affects it because animals die. Other things in the environment kill them. Those things are predators. That is an example of how the environment affects animal extinction.

ניסוי המדעי של רועי, מלני ואלון.

שלום! שמי אלון וזה קטע קצר על ניסוי המדעי של הקבוצה שלי.

“כיצד הסביבה משפיעה על חיות שנכחדות שרשרת המזון משפיעה בהחלק על הבחדות חיות בשטח. חיות טורפות אוכלות חיות אחרות בשטח וכך זה משפיעה על הסביבה.

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Olivia’s science project paragraph

Hi I’m Alon I am writing a paragraph that a person called Olivia in my class wrote.

I’m doing a project about tattoos and seeing where the ink goes when someone tattoos you. Also seeing the risks and the reasons why people get tattoos like some people get tattoos when people die because they believe that it’s a way of them keeping them with them and some people do it because they like it. I’m instructed to learn more things about it

שלום אני אלון ואני מעלה לבלוג קטע שכתבה אוליביה חברה לכיתה שליץ

אני עושה ניסוי על כתב קעקוע לראות לאן הולך הדיו בגוף האדם כשמהוא עושה כתובת קעקוע. אני בוחנת את הנזקים הבריאותים של כתובת קעקוע ומדוע אנשים עושים את זה. ישנם אנשים שעושים קעקעוע על גופם לזכרון של מת ויש אנשים שעשוים את זה כיון שהם נהנים מזה. אני נבחרתי לבחון את הנושא. 

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Science Fair Project-Gabriella Meltzer

Ok, I’m posting my friend Gabriella Meltzers Paragraph about her science fair project.

My science fair project is Eco-Friendly. I want to know if it’s possible to create make-up that is both beneficial to the environment, as well as the user. In my experiment, first I will collect natural ingredients to develop a product test. I will recruit a sample of 5-6 participants. I will have them use the make-up for 1 week and they will keep a diary on it. I made lipstick, chapstick, scrubs, make-up remover, eye shadow, and blush.

ניסוי מדעי-גבריאלה מלצר

אז בסדר אני מעלה פוסט בעבור חברתי גבריאלה מלצר על ניסוי המדעי שלה.

הניסוי שלי הוא ידידותי לסביבה. אני רוצה לדעת אם אפשר להכין איפור שהוא ידודתי לסביבה וגם טוב לסביבה. בניסוי שלי אני אאסוף רכיבים טבעיים כדי להכין איפור. אני אגייס 5-6 מתנדבים והם ישתמשו באיפור לשבוע ימים והם ירשמו ביומן כיצד הם הרגישו עם האיפור הטבעי. עשיתי אודם, שפתון, סומק,צללית, סומק. 

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Look what you can do with Muffin Trays!!

For our project we are reusing plastic recyclable muffin trays as a flower pot.  In each pot we plantedspring flower seeds.  All the unfinished water bottles found at the end of the lunch period are collected and saved to water the seeds in the pots.  Then each empty water bottle is recycled.  Each flower pot will then be distributed to every student for Passover.   These muffin trays were also used to make groggers for Purim.  We chose this project because it uses the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle.  The project made a big impact on us because we never realized how much water from the water bottles was waster.  It has made us more conscious to conserve our water.

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