Posted by: mia13 | April 27, 2010

Water and Israel

Hello once again! Its Mia, from the seventh grade at SSDSGMC!

Last week, in our science class, our class watched a video on how Israel has been helping other countries with conserving water. One of the few countries shown was Romania. Israel has done so much to help, as they introduced drip irrigation using a black tape-like tube, which uses very low water pressure to water the roots of plants, and not just the foilage like with sprinklers. Before seeing this short video, I had no clue Israel had even created something so useful and eco-friendly.

I hope everyone had a lovely Pesach and spring break, and enjoyed their time off a few weeks ago!

Mia 🙂



  1. uber movie

  2. oh yea! that movie was sick!
    even though i didn’t know most of the big words, it was still cool!
    Go Israel and thier water systems and what not!

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