Posted by: aeablogger2 | April 19, 2010

Africa @ AEA

As we do every year, this year too we had a curricular celebration, but this year it was focused on Africa. We had a story teller from Africa and he directed us in our acting and story telling. Gon and first grade did a story telling about “the bird that couldn’t fly.” Second did a story about “Ananse.” And the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade did a play about the African proverb.

 We also learned about the natural resources of Africa, and their exports. Africa has a lot of poverty and many diseases such as AIDS and Malaria. Because most of Africa does not have industries and many big cities, the environment is in better shape than here. Animals are part of the natural resources of Africa. Unfortunately, many poachers come to Africa shoot animals and steal animal parts such as ivory and animal skins.

Michael L.


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