Posted by: jjdancinggirl | February 10, 2010

TOO MUCH SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Julia

I hate snow!!!!!! 18-24 inches of snow here in Cherry Hill. Which is 45-61 centimeters. No school though.

אני כבר לא סובלת את השלג. היו לנו בין 45-61 ס”מ של שלג
. לפחות לא היו לנו לימודים.



  1. Here in Israel we would love to have snow. Some of our children have never ever seen snow.

  2. That stinks. Snow can be fun but it can also stink. we were stuck in the house all day.

    • no kidding

  3. ur not nice to me

  4. למה אנחנו בישראל (בערד) דווקא אוהבים שלג
    Why we in Israel LOVE the snow.

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