Posted by: DaviD | January 26, 2010

Just another two weeks in Ein Gedi

Hello again to all blog visitors

I have not had the opportunity to write for a while because I moved  from Arad to Jerusalem.
Transition was a bit difficult, because most of my friends live in Arad and now I’ll have to find new friends in the new town where I live.

On Sunday, all students in our school in Ein Gedi , got our Report Cards for the first half  of the year,
Everyone wants to get high marks on their efforts, and of course there are always students with high marks.

Last week we did not learn on Monday and Tuesday because there was strong rainfall that caused floods in the rivers  near Ein Gedi and consequently blocked the roads through which students come to school. The school administration decided to cancel classes on Monday and on Tuesday the teachers and students gathered at certain points in which they live. The teachers explained to the students what to do in case of an “emergency” such as a flood, earthquake and similar things.

That’s all this time, see you next time


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