Posted by: mia13 | January 6, 2010

Mia signing in!

HI! My name is Mia Malkin. I am in the seventh grade at Solomon Schecter Day School of Greater Monmouth County, which is in Marlboro, New Jersey. I am 13 years old,and I like to go on my laptop, if I am at home. Our class is small (as in… 6 kids small) but we are like a family. There is me, Ella, Daniela, Shanee, Jack, and Nathan. We are all very excited to start the program!



  1. yo mia, its me alec. how do u get ur account connected to pleaze help me!

    • Did mrs. Piznik tell u to make a blog because I’ll make it for u

  2. alec, you have to be invited and sign up. something like that. my teacher got the guy to send it to me.

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