Posted by: sarabug | January 6, 2010

hi, this is sara ann. my last post was a little wierd, because we forgot how to post things and that was a test. so we’re supposed to write about a time when we helped an animal. i guess i’ll do that now.

several years ago, my parents and i went to a shelter in searchof a cat. the only one that caught my eye was a skinny little six month old tabby cat. one of the reasons i like her was that she had some spots in her fur that looked like a smiley face. when we asked if we could hold her, she curled into a ball in the back of her cage and gave my dad a good scratch.  my parents wanted to come back another day, but we had been searching for months, and i was dead set on not leaving until i had a cat. plus, she had almost come to the end of her stay at the shelter. if she wasn’t adopted be the end of the week, my kitty would be put down to make room for other animals. we were going to adopt a tiny two month old cat, but the thought of this little baby, well, big baby ( but still baby) dying made me sick. So after a lot of pleading and some yelling, we left, with my new pet riding in the seat next to me.


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