Posted by: nutz4muffins | May 15, 2009

Hi It’s Sean


We will begin to take pictures and videos of our project to protect the environment next week in school. Sorry for not blogging for awhile. Sean


 אנחנו נתחיל לצלם ולהכין קטעי וידיאו לשמור על הסביבה בשבוע הבא בבית הספר. להתראות בקרוב.   סין



  1. Yeah, what he said. Oops, sorry, nobody knows me. My name’s Sara. This is actually my first blog, ‘cuz it took a little extra time for my thingamadgigie to get set up. Just FYI, our project’s going great! We put up a bunch of adorable signs and people are FINALLY noting them! Latr!!!!!!

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